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Spare parts logistics

Automated vertical storage system, the best solution on the market.
The system, which is fully automated, improves all aspects of logistics.  

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E-commerce logistics

Orders filled quickly through specific warehouses, competitive prices, widespread pickup and pay in store service for your e-commerce business.
Internal SDA agency.

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Promotional logistics

Manages all the storage, preparation and distribution activities for products ordered in small volumes and weighing no more than 50 kg in the shipment phase.

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National and international, express, road and air transport. We offer a quick and reliable door-to-door service. We selected our partners for their efficiency and flexibility.

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Welcome to FD&L Italia

FD&L, at your service!

FD&L provides customized, flexible integrated logistics services with warehouses fully equipped for the storage and distribution of products, thus ensuring a concrete competitive advantage for its customers. We do not simply fulfil requests, we study and assess in depth the best possible solutions with the support of the SDA Express Courier group to which we belong.

  • Logistics warehouses: FD&L is present in the most strategic areas of Italy: Milan, Rome, Naples and Bari with 20,000 m2 of warehouse space.
  • Technology: FD&L has a cutting-edge information system constantly updated to handle the most complicated logistics and transport problems.
  • Security: FD&L guarantees a high level of security, protecting its customers against the risk of theft, tampering, sabotage and industrial espionage.
  • Customer care: FD&L offers personalized customer care, assigning a member of its staff to each customer to satisfy all his/her requests for support and assistance.

Behind FD&L there is a whole team of people who work with a great sense of responsibility every day, taking care of your products and your image with a view to providing an excellent service.

What can we do for you?

We have the right logistics solution for you, too.

FD&L has developed a logistics outsourcing service, with the aim of satisfying the customers’ needs, going beyond their expectations and enabling them to keep their costs under control.

Our specialities are:

Spare parts logistics

FD&L adopts a fully automated system for the storage of small spare parts, which improves all aspects of the logistics. Its high picking speed enables orders to be prepared and filled quickly enough to ensure delivery all over Europe within 24/48 hours.

E-commerce logistics

FD&L, a partner of leading companies specialized in e-commerce, has a warehouse dedicated exclusively to the online sales service. This enables the processes typical of this activity to be personalized.

Promotional logistics

Through collaboration with SDA, a company belonging to the Poste Italiane group, FD&L manages all storage, preparation and distribution activities for products ordered in small volumes and weighing no more than 50 kg in the shipment phase.


Ever since it was set up, FD&L has had transport in its DNA. This is witnessed by its history characterized by a continual expansion at the service of leading Italian and international companies as a solid and reliable partner

Technical Courier

Under the brand name Dynamikos, FD&L offers a technical courier service, ideal for transporting particularly fragile, bulky or valuable goods. It is specialized in positioning on site new machinery for various uses, including highly complex routes with final assembly, where required. This service is designed for the Hi-Tech, Medical, Banking, Graphics and Photocopying fields.

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European Hub

Services for non-EEC companies operating in Europe

Customer Care

All customers are assigned a single contact, ready to meet their every need for support.

SDA Express Courier Agency

Integration with logistics guarantees rapid goods transport.

Our Clients

Leading companies in this highly strategic sector request our services, thus demonstrating that FDL Italia is a reliable logistics partner.


Operations office
Via delle Industrie 33,
20883 Mezzago, Milan [ITALY]
Tel. +39 039 6020 513 r.a.
Fax +39 039 6020 274

Administrative office
Via Manzoni 10
20010 Bernate Ticino, Milan [ITALY]

Email:  info@fdlitalia.com


Via delle Industrie 33
20883 Mezzago (MI)

Via dell'Industria snc
00065 Fiano Romano - Rome

Via Stefano Barbato 54
80147 Naples

Contrada Taverna Vecchia
74017 Mottola (TA)

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