Testimonial Haier

Engineer Giulio Bisazza, EU Spare Parts Supply Chain manager of Haier Europe, a company in the household appliances and consumer sector, explained to us how choosing FD&L for the outsourced logistics management of spare parts for its assistance centers throughout Europe has allowed to his company to classify in first place among the 100 most important companies in China for the efficiency of its logistics.

Thanks to the use of Modula’s automatic vertical warehouses, FD&L is able to offer an increasingly efficient logistics service and an even faster, safer and more precise management of stored materials.

FD&L is an integrated logistics company specialized since 1995 in micro logistics and spare parts logistics services operating nationally and internationally, able to provide tailor-made, fast and efficient solutions, thanks to the consolidated partnership with SDA, Poste Italiane and FedEx. FD&L is a reliable and flexible partner for all product distribution, service and after-sales assistance activities: in fact, it develops tailor-made solutions with its customers that go beyond simple logistics. Thanks to the modern operational structure with offices in Mezzago (Monza and Brianza) and in Bernate Ticino (Milan), equipped with innovative hardware and software systems, FD&L can perform outsourcing management of the warehouse with relative cost optimization. FD&L deals with micrologistics, within 50 kg and works with Replica, the best IT system available in Italy for logistics, extremely flexible and suitable for any customer need. The strong specialization in spare parts logistics, through fully automated systems, makes it possible to make the supply chain more efficient and to carry out 24-hour deliveries throughout Europe at absolutely unbeatable prices.

How did the collaboration with FD&L come about?

For Haier, customers’ needs are the most important thing. Is this the reason why we decided to rely on the experience of FD&L? for the management of our European spare parts logistics. FD&L? in fact, it adopts an innovative system to manage the logistics of small objects, fully automated and controlled by advanced software that allows you to improve and monitor all aspects of logistics. The picking speed is guaranteed by automation and allows deliveries to be made within 24 hours throughout Europe. This technology is particularly suitable for leasing spare parts from companies like ours, which need to always be on the front line.

What are the main advantages offered by the use of the FD&L vertical system?

The Modula automatic vertical warehouse has been designed to optimize space occupation by up to 90% and allows you to save time in picking operations: the ideal solution to the problems of management, picking and rapid retrieval of components, semi-finished and finished products in the various corporate realities. Thanks to this system FD&L? guarantees the safety of objects with password-protected access, constant quality and quantity control, protects the goods from dust, avoiding accidental damage and ensures correct picking and fast refilling, reducing the probability of error to a minimum. The collaboration with FD&L? has allowed us to achieve a significant competitive advantage in the management of spare parts and accessories for our products. FD&L? in fact it boasts great efficiency, also thanks to the collaboration with SDA, which makes it possible to integrate distribution with logistics, with a considerable economic advantage also in shipments.

Can you give us some numbers about the distribution of Haier spare parts?

The European distribution business of Haier spare parts has grown 20 times, compared to 8 years ago, driven by an ever-growing fleet of machines on the market. In 2015, an average of 2,000 shipments were processed per month to Haier’s European partners with rates of over 90% relating to shipments on the same day as the order date. To achieve this result, in addition to the immediate availability of spare parts, an efficient logistics structure with advanced automation systems is required.