With Dynamikos there are no limits to transport!


The service offered by Dynamikos, a FD&L, brand name, includes the transportation and handling of equipment of all sizes and weights, designed for sectors with particularly critical problems that require a high degree of expertise: Hi-Tech, Medical, Banking, Graphics and Photocopying. Dynamikos is the ideal partner for companies that need professional skills and great care to transport fragile, valuable goods. It distinguishes itself from the traditional operators in the sector for its high degree of specialization and great flexibility in meeting the needs of its customers, demonstrating its position at the forefront in this dynamic segment.

This type of service is guaranteed by a high degree of specialist experience gained by Dynamikos in over twenty years of activity and a set of technological equipment capable of meeting the specific requirements of this sector. The staff is made up of highly skilled and qualified workers trained to handle fragile goods.

The Dynamikos fleet is made up of insulated vans and trucks, specially fitted out for the transport of equipment, with tail lifts, pneumatic suspensions, internal side bars for anchoring the goods, and temperature, humidity and vibration control devices. A number of special purpose vehicles for lifting, installing and handling products, completes the fleet for transporting and distributing high-technology equipment.


Maximum attention to detail

Dynamikos positions the machinery transported on the site, moving along highly complex routes where necessary.

Extreme attention is paid to secure the materials in such a way that they will not get damaged during transport, following the rules of good technical practice and using the appropriate equipment, specially designed where necessary, to satisfy the specific needs of the service. The equipment is loaded and unloaded using the lifting systems best suited to their specific characteristics (shape, weight, fragility, etc.). In addition to the equipment already fitted to the vehicles in the fleet, Dynamikos has special purpose vehicles for use where necessary.