At the forefront with an ever-increasingly efficient logistics service.

FD&L is specialized in spare parts management.

FD&L adopts an innovative, fully automated system for managing the logistics of small objects, controlled by a sophisticated software that improves all aspects of logistics. The picking speed ensured by automation enables parts to be delivered all over Europe within 24 hours. This technology is particularly indicated for the put-away of companies’ spare parts.

FD&L offers its services as a partner for warehouse outsourcing, thus ensuring a competitive advantage for all companies that have to manage the spare parts or accessories of their products.

FD&Lboasts high efficiency due to the fact that, together with SDA, its distribution is integrated with its logistics; this organization ensures an economic advantage for its customers in their shipments

FD&L adopts MODULA vertical storage system, a fully automated solution perfect for managing the logistics of small objects.


Modula storage system enables FD&L to offer its customers the following advantages:


Major groups working on a worldwide scale have chosen FD&L to take care of its spare parts:

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